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Denture Arrangement Brochure

Individualized Anterior Arrangements :
     This brochure provides a means of visual communication with your dental laboratory. It is based on the theory that one picture is worth a thousand words...that an actual illustration of the aesthetic effect you want in the anterior arrangement of a denture is the best guidance you can give the dental technician.

Face Form As A Guide To Natural Anterior Arrangement :
     The principle of natural aesthetic harmony between face form and maxillary anterior tooth arrangement has been well demonstrated by extensive clinical research and application in many private dental offices. In essence the principle is this: There are four basic face form classivications observed in nature. For each of these there is a workable corresponding basic anterior tooth arrangement. Similarly, modifications appearing in the basic face form may be reflected by corresponding modifications in the anterior arrangement.
     Below, the four face forms are described and illustrated. And on the following pages, twenty-four anterior arrangements are shown - four basic arrangements plus five modifications for each of the four basic forms. A suggested procedure is to classify the patient by face form, then to specify the desired arrangement for the try-in denture. Final individualizing can be accomplished at the try-in appointment.

The Square Face:
In the Square Form, the sides of the face from the hairline to the levels of the condyles to the angles of the jaw are straight and parallel.
The Tapering Face:
The Tapering Face is widest at the hairline and narrowest at the angles of the jaw. The lines converge in towards the jaw.
The Square Tapering Face:
In the Square Tapering Form, the sides of the head are parallel from the condyles upward. From the condyles downward along the sides of the face, the outline tapers into the angles of the jaw.
The Ovoid Face:
The Ovoid Face is widest through the center at the level of the condyles. It curves upward and downward to form an oval outline.

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