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Square and Modified Square Arrangements
Labial Aspect Incisal Aspect Discription
Mould 12G illustrated
A medium sized square type tooth set in a typical arch form. Note that the centrals are set practically straight across, with the laterals also having a full labial aspect.
Mould 31F illustrated
To Achieve a softening of the basic Square form and arrangement, in this case a Square Ovoid tooth has been used. Note that while the centrals are predominantly Square, the distal corners are rounded to achieve the Ovoid or softening effect. An additional softening of this arrangement has been created by the inward rotation of both laterals toward the distal.
Mould 11G illustrated
In this arrangement, a slightly larger and longer Square-type central has been used. The centrals are rotated outwardly at the distals and the right lateral is depressed at the mesial. The left lateral is rotated slightly inward at the distal.
Mould 22E illustrated
This arrangement utilizes a Square Tapering form tooth to achieve the desired asymmetry. The right side has been softened by depressing the lateral and canine. Conversely, the left side presents a more dominant appearance with the central and lateral set prominently, as in a typical Square type arrangement. The left lateral is rotated outward at the distal to achieve a slightly stronger effect.
Mould 12E illustrated
Normally, a crowded condition is not usually found in the Square arch because of its broadness and resulting adequate room for the eruption of all teeth. However, in some instances, particularly where the natural teeth may be slightly larger than normal, this does result in a crowded condition. In this arrangement the centrals and laterals are lapped and rotated to produce the effect of crowding.
Mould 13E illustrated
In the Square arch form, spacing is more likely to be found than the crowded condition. The spacing condition in the Square arch obviously results from the opposite cause of crowding. The natural tooth form is smaller than normal, and variable spaces develop between practically all the teeth. In this arrangement there is mild spacing between all teeth.

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